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The Maldives (Dhivehi raajeh) officially the Republic of Maldives is an island nation. This nation is formed by a double chain of islands. This double chain consists of twenty-six atolls. The atolls of the Maldives encompass a territory spread over roughly 90,000 square kilometers, making it one of the most dispersed countries in the world in geographic terms. It features 1,192 islets, of which two hundred are inhabited. The capital of Maldives is Male and the local language of The Maldives is Dhivehi. The Maldives main industry is fishing and tourism.

Maldives is a beautiful vacation destination. The Maldives’s seductive beaches are an ideal winter getaway. With over 25 years of travel knowledge in the Maldives, we are pleased to offer you packaged Maldives holidays with special offers.

Maldives Tailor Made Holidays

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Maldives Travel Guide & Information

You will realise just how many gifts this world has to offer when you arrive in the Maldives. Strewn across the Indian Ocean, the Maldives is something very special; a place where you can find inner peace and tranquillity in some of the most exotic locations in the world.

The Maldives offers some of the world’s finest white sandy beaches, most amazing food, crystal blue lagoons and stunning coral islands. This is a perfect destination for a romantic honeymoon, magical scuba-diving experience, or simply to kick back and sink into a state of pure relaxation.